• DrOSHA = Doctor of Occupational Safety & Health Awareness
  • DrOSHA is a trademark of high performance safety shoes and is registered in the United States Patent & Trademark Offices
  • DrOSHA is a certified ISO 9001Quality Management System company and is a member of SATRA, an international technology organization located in U.K.
  • DrOSHA Safety Shoes are professionally manufactured in strict compliance with European EN ISO 20345 and American ANSI Z41 including Indonesian SNI standards and codes.
  • DrOSHA are designed ergonomically by a renowned Italian Safety Shoe designer and manufactured using the most advanced German 24-station direct injection machine with computerized automation equipment.

PT Osha Asia will launch its safety shoe production under the trademark of DrOSHA in January 2001.  DrOSHA, which stands for Doctor of Occupational Safety and Health Awareness, will emphasize on American OSHA compliance and European EN quality in the production of its safety shoes.  Patented in the United States of its technology under the name of DrOSHA, DrOSHA will specialize only in safety shoes using the emerging technology in shoe materials and machinery with the aim at exporting its products overseas particular in the Untied States and South-East Asia.

The firm was founded in 1982 under the name of PT Connusa Energindo with main business in construction management in electrical power generation and Oil & Gas industry, where stringent safety codes and standards are strictly enforced.  Over the years, the company employees used numerous kinds of safety shoes in the day-to-day execution of projects.  Since the company has been the end-users of safety shoes for nearly 20 years, the company has acquired ample experience and can tell a good quality safety shoe when it sees one.  It knows what safety shoes are supposed to be.  Arising from this, it has made an ideal position for PT Connusa Energindo to be a major safety shoe producer, of which PT Osha Asia forms apart of PT Connusa Energindo in undertaking its mission to produce and market quality safety shoes worldwide.

The manufacturing facility consisting of approximately 25,000 square meters (6 acres) of land with production area of 9,000 square meters (97,650 square feet) is currently under construction.  The soles of safety shoes will be using the latest technology of materials, TPU/PU.  In addition to the TPU/PU soles, DrOSHA is also in the planning stage to produce vulcanized rubber soles to meet local demand, mainly from the military and police force clienteles.

All DrOSHA safety shoes are designed by renowned Italian safety shoes designer in accordance with European EN and American OSHA standard and codes.  The company will utilize the most advanced machinery with automation and robotic equipment in order to meet its production goals and quality. The company is committed to producing the best safety shoes that can be to satisfy safety conscious customers with competitive prices.  Dr.OSHA is a member of SATRA.